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Our company fundamentally adheres to the position of producing quality products while maintaining stable quality of products throughout the service life.




Why it is reliable and profitable to work with us:

By cooperating with us, you get the most favorable conditions and prices from the manufacturer with full warranty obligations and without additional markups.

Quality control at all stages of production
The production company has been certified to comply with GOST R ISO 9001-2015
The quality of the products is confirmed by the Eurasian certificate.
Quality Management System has been implemented and constantly improved at the production site. The quality control team led by experienced engineers monitors the quality of both finished products and raw materials at the input. We only ship tested and quality products. This guarantees the preservation of operational characteristics throughout the service life of our products.

Wide range
The technical and material base of the enterprise allows us to produce the entire range of fittings in one place.

Warranty obligations
We are engaged in the development and preparation of design documentation, launch and support of products in production, control technological processes and stages of production, conduct tests of finished products. Our experience allows us to create and implement technologies that optimize the process and improve the quality of products.

Automated production
The thermal injection molding machines Haitian, the world leader in the production of injection molding machines, of the latest generation, are presented in the production park. Fully automated production ensures maximum production volume while maintaining benchmark quality.

High-quality materials
We use high-quality raw materials, statistical copolymer of propylene with ethylene PP R003 EX/1- SIBUR. Domestic polypropylene of proper quality ensures the hygienic safety of fittings, high chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to fouling and scale formation, and long service life.

The embedded parts of the fittings are made of nickel-plated brass. This guarantees high reliability of the products. The products are produced in white, and for coloring, we use Basco concentrate dyes.

The combination of careful selection of raw materials, strict control of the technological process and output parameters of finished products allows us to produce high-quality products of a wide range of diameters from 20mm to 63mm.

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