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Production under the EVER PLAST trademark is carried out at an industrial enterprise located in Penza.

Polypropylene pipes, fittings, and valves are produced at the production facilities of UMELYETS company.

One of the features of production is a high level of industrial localization, which allows us to meet the demand for quality Russian products accurately and efficiently.

Polymer plant includes:


5 extrusion lines

more than 200 product names

over 3,000 tons of finished products per year

more than 100 occupied jobs

4,000 m2 of warehouse space

6,000 m2 of production space



Production is equipped with modern high-performance equipment from leading companies in Turkey and China.

Currently, the production park consists of five new universal high-speed extrusion lines from Konex companies, Turkey. This equipment allows for the production of pipes with diameters ranging from 20 to 63 mm.

Twenty-four new, modern Haitian thermoplastic molding machines allow for the production of various fittings and shaped parts for heating and water supply systems with diameters ranging from 20 to 63 mm.



For the production of pipes and fittings used in cold and hot water supply systems, a statistical copolymer of propylene with ethylene (PP-R) from SIBUR (PP R003 EX) is used.

The quality of the raw materials corresponds to the regulatory data stated in the quality passports.

Granules of polypropylene saturated with coloring pigment are used for coloring the raw materials.

A glass-filled polypropylene composition is used for fiberglass pipes.

Only high-quality components are used for combined fittings.

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